10 Essentials of Forex Trading by Martinez J

By Martinez J

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A55) In fact, many fund managers are tied to a particular style and measured by how they performed relative to that style. Their benchmark is the style box they have been classified into. If the fund drifts from its designated style, the marketing pressure ensures adherence to the style box. I like to remind investors that when a manager who is tied to a benchmark (style) outperforms it, they call it alpha, however, when the manager under performs the benchmark they like to say it is tracking error.

There are those who let the market determine their holding period. And there are those who buy and hold for very long periods of time. Are there different views of risk among investors? The really sad part of this questions is that most investors do not fully understand risk and certainly do not know what their risk tolerance is, let alone how to apply it to an investment strategy. Are there different views of where the same stock’s price will be one week, one month, or one year from now? This doesn’t need any explanation because if you read financial media or watch television you know there is an unlimited supply of opinions on this.

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