A Question of Time (The Dracula Series Book 07) by Fred Saberhagen

By Fred Saberhagen

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Alerted at last by a certain tenseness in Maria's attitude, Bill turned his head sharply. The bearded man, standing close enough to touch him, was only gazing at him mildly. There followed an interval in which the three of them stood regarding one another. They were ignored by the Japanese, and by other tourists who, despite the poor viewing conditions at the moment, kept drifting to and fro along the rim, singly and in small groups. " Bill finally asked the man. The newcomer spoke up smoothly, as if he had only been waiting to be prompted.

She added: "Actually, my own grandmother was fleeced by a fake medium out in LA. " Keogh sighed faintly. " Maria asked. "I don't want to suspect anything, until I've talked to the client face to face. " He looked toward Strangeways, as if in a silent appeal for help. "I concur," said Mr. Strangeways, in a voice that despite its softness had nothing tentative or deferential about it. Maria, still trying to place him, suddenly wondered if he was supposed to be some kind of a medium or psychic. The trouble was he didn't at all match her notion of what one of those people, genuine or fake, ought to look like.

He didn't. She went on: "One of those houses up there on the Rim is the one he used to live in. He used to have different models all the time, until he finally married one of them. " She was, Jake decided, harping on Edgar Tyrrell and his house because she was having a hard time deciding how to approach whatever it was she really wanted to explain. This decision was harder for her than the decision she had made when she took off her clothes. " He was definitely getting curious. He closed up the lunch box, leaving the crumbs and remnants for the chipmunks and coyotes, and Camilla took the little box with the other stuff she was carrying, and started to lead the way along the little trail upstream.

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