AARP Getting Started in Options by Michael C. Thomsett

By Michael C. Thomsett

AARP electronic variants give you functional suggestions, confirmed recommendations, and specialist information.

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Seller of a call: When you sell a call, you hope that the stock will fall in value, because that will result in a corresponding decrease in value for the call. This will create lower market value for the call, which can then be purchased and closed at a profit; or the stock can be sold to the buyer at a price above current market value. The order is the reverse from the better-known buyer’s position. The call seller will first sell and then, later on, will close the transaction with a buy order.

Cm. - (Getting started in-) Includes index. eISBN : 978-0-470-55383-1 1. Stock options. 2. Options (Finance) I. Title. 63’2283-dc22 2009033767 Acknowledgments Thanks to those many readers who wrote to offer their suggestions and insights to previous editions of this book, including constructive criticism and clarifying questions. Their letters have helped to improve the ever-changing sets of explanations and examples, definitions, and other materials used in this book. A very special thanks goes to Debra Englander, my editor for many years at John Wiley & Sons, whose encouragement through many editions of this and other books has been greatly appreciated.

The number of buyers represents demand for shares, and the number of sellers represents supply. The price of stocks rises as demand increases, and falls as supply increases. Prices of listed options—those traded publicly on exchanges like the New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia stock exchanges—are established strictly through supply and demand. Those are the forces that dictate whether market prices rise or fall for stocks. As more buyers want stocks, prices are driven upward by their demand; and as more sellers want to sell shares of stock, prices decline due to increased supply.

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