Adbusters, Issue 103: #OCCUPYMAINSTREET

(September/October 2012)

Featured during this issue:

Reversing the disaster of fastened meaning
upload – American Dream Disorder
Piecing jointly the worldwide insurrectionary puzzle.
The heretical methods of Nigeria’s Boko Haram
Europe’s anarchic nihilism
Cory Sine on Latin America’s political renaissance
city farming and the fissure of modernity by means of Darren Fleet
“The Key to Power” via Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri

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Cristobal Saavedra/REUTERS Over the past year or so, Occupy has provoked an epistemological break in the ontological morphing of our social, political, and economic life – that subtle, creeping shift of our being in the world. ” Henceforth critical distance finds itself thoroughly outmoded and impotent. There’s no longer any without, only within, no repositioning of ourselves beyond what we culture jammers are critically analyzing, critically struggling against; there is now no way for us to get critical leverage on the beast shaping us.

But they know it’s not for them, not for their type. Their fascination didn’t carry any hostile undertones; it is sorrowful, not militant, not resentful but resigned. ” A precedent had been set, a new reality of public-private space. In Haussmann’s privatized urban reality private joys sprung from wide-open public spaces. One can henceforth be private in the crowd, alone yet amidst people; one can be inside while outside, and outside while inside. There are walls and there is transparency. There is social closure and physical openness.

Or call Ben at 1-800-663-1243 At the same time as the financial, ecological and spiritual crisis worsens, and nonviolent mass uprisings are finding their path forward blocked by intransigent authorities and paramilitary policing, a new kind of attack-oriented tactical politics is emerging worldwide. “We are guerrillas of pleasure,” an influential manifesto from Greece declares. ” Celebrating any action that hits the state and disrupts capital, the core philosophical impetus of this growing trend – known variously as insurrectionary, individualist, or nihilist anarchism – is that the true revolution begins when the individual frees herself to live.

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