Analysis And Design Of Quadrature Oscillators by Luis B. Oliveira, Jorge R. Fernandes, Igor M. Filanovsky,

By Luis B. Oliveira, Jorge R. Fernandes, Igor M. Filanovsky, Chris J. M. Verhoeven, Manuel M. Silva

The subsequent good points of research and layout of Quadrature Oscillators make it various from the present literature on digital oscillators: specialise in quadrature oscillators with actual quadrature and coffee phase-noise, required by means of smooth communique structures; an in depth comparative research of quadrature LC and RC oscillators, together with cross-coupled LC quasi-sinusoidal oscillators, cross-coupled RC rest oscillators, a quadrature RC oscillator-mixer, and two-integrator oscillators; an intensive research of the influence of mismatches at the phase-error and the phase-noise; the belief that quadrature RC oscillators could be a sensible substitute to LC oscillators whilst zone and price will be minimized (in cross-coupled RC oscillators either the quadrature-error and phase-noise are diminished, while in LC oscillators the coupling raises the phase-noise); use of a based layout process, within which a know-how autonomous learn, with excellent blocks, is played at first, after which the circuit point layout is addressed; and inclusion of many experimental effects, bought from varied built-in circuit prototypes, within the GHz variety.

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21 the small signal model of the differential pair is shown. Since the circuit is symmetric, the controlled sources have the currents shown in Fig. 28) Thus, the differential pair realizes a negative resistance (Fig. 21) that compensates the losses in the tank circuit. 5 Mixers Mixers are a fundamental block of RF front-ends. Nowadays, a research effort is done to realize a fully integrated front-end, to obtain cost and space savings. 5 Mixers 27 of combining the LNA and the mixer [45] has been considered.

The simplest mixer is a switch, implemented by a CMOS transistor [1]. The circuit of Fig. 25 is referred to as a passive mixer; although having an active element, the transistor, this acts as a switch, and does not provide gain. This type of mixers, 30 2 Transceiver Architectures and RF Blocks Fig. 25 Mixer using a switch vLO vRF vIF RL typically has no DC consumption, has high linearity and high bandwidth, and is suitable for use in microwave circuits. There are other possible implementations, as shown in Figs.

It is an important measure of the performance of the mixer, indicating how much noise is added by it. The noise factor of a noiseless system is unity, and it is higher in real systems. 29) The intermodulation distortion (IMD) is a measure of the mixers linearity. Intermodulation distortion is the result of two or more signals interacting in a non linear device to produce additional unwanted signals. Two interacting signals will produce intermodulation products at the sum and difference of integer multiples of the original frequencies.

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