Annual review in automatic programming. 4 by Richard Goodman

By Richard Goodman

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For these variables the stack 56 Peter Naur reference will be constant throughout the program and the compiler will be able to calculate the final absolute machine addresses. (b) Variables in the currently local block. The stack reference of the local block is at all times available in the index register p, as well as in the appropriate element of the DISPLAY. References to local variables can therefore be made by means of p-relative addresses. (c) Variables in intermediate blocks. These are addressed relative to the index register s.

V. , CAR SI = :. , CAR VI = :. CAR V2 = CAR B3, CAR V3 = CAR B3 CAR U2 = CAR B2, CAR R3 = CAR B3 CAR M -► R2 CAR M -> B2 27 28 M. V. Wilkes CARM^U3 CAR M -* B3 TO 52 AND BACK TO 52 AND BACK RETURN COMMENT, EDIT 53 A -> CAR M [IF CAR A = ATOM, RETURN] LI = CAR A, L2 = CDR LI, L3 = CDR L2 CARM^A CAR M -> L2 CAR M -> L3 TO 53 AND BACK TO 53 AND BACK A -> CAR M LI = CAR A, L2 = CDR LI, L3 = CDR L2 [IF CAR LI = :. [IF CAR L2 = :0, CAR A = CAR L2 IF CAR L3 = :0, CAR A = CAR L3 IF CAR L2 = :1, CAR A = CAR L3 IF CAR L3 = :1, CAR A = CAR L2] IF CAR LI = : [IF CAR L3 = :0, CAR A = CAR L2 IF CAR L3 = CAR L2, CAR A = :0] IF CAR LI = :/ [IF CAR L2 = :0, CAR A = CAR L2 IF CAR L3 = :1, CAR A = CAR L2] IF CAR LI = : + [IF CAR L2 = :0, CAR A = CAR L3 IF CAR L3 = :0, CAR A = CAR L2 IF CAR L2 = CAR L3 (CAR LI = :.

The following figures refer to the minimum configuration for which the ALGOL compiler was primarily designed. For further details see Ref. 1. Stores. Core store: 1024 words of 42 bits, access time 8-8 microseconds. Magnetic drum: 320 tracks of 40 words each. Transfer time of complete track: 20 milliseconds. During drum transfers other operations may take place in the machine. Word structure : Of the 42 bits two are regarded as marks and are not processed in parallel with the rest of the word. Floating point operations divide the word into a 10 bit exponent and a 30 bit mantissa while the marks are irrelevant.

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