Applied Quantum Mechanics: For Engineers and Physicists by A. F. J. Levi

By A. F. J. Levi

Written particularly for digital and mechanical engineers and scholars, this ebook takes quantum mechanics from the idea books into the "real" global. utilizing useful engineering examples all through, Anthony Levi's procedure engages and motivates. After a assessment of classical mechanics and electromagnetics, Levi proceeds via fundamental ideas and Schrödinger's equation to extra complicated subject matters, together with scattering, eigenstates, the harmonic oscillator and time-dependent perturbation concept.

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2 Power and momentum in an electromagnetic wave Let’s extend what we know so far to obtain the power flux in an electromagnetic wave. This is of practical importance for wireless communication where, for example, we might be designing a receiver for a cellular telephone. In this case, the radio frequency electromagnetic power flux received by the cell phone antenna will help determine the type of amplifier to be used. The power in an electromagnetic wave can be obtained by considering the response of a test charge e moving at velocity v in an external electric field E.

The plus sign is for the upper sphere, and the minus sign is for the lower sphere. It follows that I (t) = ±d(Q 0 eiωt )/dt = ±iωQ(t), so that Q(t) = ±I (t)/iω. 113) If either the current I or the current density J is known, then we can find the other quantities of interest, such as the total radiated electromagnetic power, Pr . 3 Classical electromagnetism H E z +Q r0 I r θ −Q Fig. 19. A small length of conducting wire connects two conducting spheres oriented in the z direction that have center-to-center spacing of r0 .

B) Show that adding a damping term D · (d x/dt) to the left-hand side of the equation of motion used in (a) changes the solution to x1 (ω) = ω02 F1 /m − ω2 − i(γ /2) where γ (ω) = 2ωD/m. 5 and = 10. Explain the relationship between and the line shape. 78 THz in the long-wavelength limit. 4 to estimate the spring constant κ. Use this value to estimate ν1 (= ω1 /2π ) and ν2 (= ω2 /2π ), and then compare this with the experimentally measured values for [100] oriented GaAs. 10 Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) feature micron-sized mechanical structures fabricated out of semiconductor material.

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