Armed struggle and the search for state: the Palestinian by Yazīd Ṣāyigh, Institute for Palestine Studies (Washington,

By Yazīd Ṣāyigh, Institute for Palestine Studies (Washington, D.C.)

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The IAF Aircraft Series No.1: The F-4E Phantom II (Kurnass)

Photographs: 39 in shades b/w that have been by no means released sooner than. Profiles: 15 in colour from the entire squadrons. Articles: historical past technical facts; carrier with the IAF; all of the squadrons; within the Attrition struggle; within the Yom Kippur conflict; The Kurnass 2000; Camouflage and extra. ..

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Seeking to restore its position, the Congress resolved in june 1 928 to attain a representative council and authorized its main leaders, Musa Kazim al-Husayni and his long-standing rival Raghib al-Nashashibi, to open negotia­ tions with the British High Commissioner towards this end, but the outbreak of riots in August 1 929, in which the ambitious young Amin played an important part, conclusively derailed the tentative agreement they had reached. 23 The most significant shift in British policy came in July 1 937, when the Peel Commission, which was set up to investigate the Palestine problem in the wake of the 1 93 6 revolt, recommended partitioning the country into two states.

Ajniha) wing janah munshaq dissenting wing (faction) Jaysh al-Inqadh al-'Arabi Arab Salvation Army jaysh al-jihad al-muqaddas Army of the Holy War jiftlik tax farm (in Ottoman empire) holy war, struggle jihad Jihaz al-Amn wa al-Ma'lumat Security and Information Apparatus Jihaz al-Amn al-Muwahhad Unified Security Apparatus al-jihaz al-khas special apparatus al-jihaz al-sirri secret apparatus Kata'ib al-Fida' al-'Arabi Battalions of Arab Sacrifice Kata'ib Muhammad Battalions of Muhammad Katibat al-Haq Battalion of Right kayan entity khaliyya (pl.

Small numbers ofJews had already emigrated to Palestine from Russia and Yemen in previous decades for religious reasons, but the start of a second, politically motivated wave of immigration from Eastern Europe in 1 903 aroused rumblings of dis­ content and resistance by Palestinian Arab peasants opposed to the loss of land ' and jobs to the Jewish settlers. The Young Turks revolt of 1 908 also ushered in a more prominent role for educated, urban-based Arabs, whose opposition to Zionism and to land sales to Jewish settlers was now expressed with increasing frequency and vigour in the local press, through new political associations, and 2 at the Ottoman parliament in Istanbul.

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