Astrology and Marriage: The Influence of Planetary Action in by Sepharial

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The tree of human life is rooted in the soil of its mother earth, but its branches reach up towards heaven, whence also it receives its threefold benison of sunshine, air and rain, without which it cannot prosper.

Friendship is the Divine basis of all pure human relationships, conjugality or cohabitation in the human-animal part of it, and amativeness is the merely physical aspect. All Nature springs forth in its due season and bears its leaf and flower and fruit, and having fruited, it begins to die down to its roots. In marriage relations if that root be a spiritual and intellectual friendship finding continual expression in sympathy and understanding, then without doubt it will outlive the varied assaults of any misfortunes that may happen.

Incompatibility is shown by the quadrature of the luminaries or their opposition aspect in any two horoscopes. Thus with the Sun in Virgo 20 in a male horoscope, and the Moon in either Pisces, Gemini, or Sagittarius 20 in that of a female, such persons would not agree together in wedlock. It is most frequently found that in cases of discord and misfortune in marriage there is a powerful point of contact which draws the victims of this unhappy alliance together, and that there are other adverse indications existing between their horoscopes, which, after the first flush of marital life is over, begin to affect their lives and thus to bring about the effects to which the more potent indications induce.

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