Backgammon For Dummies (For Dummies (Sports & Hobbies)) by Chris Bray

By Chris Bray

A accomplished and enjoyable advisor to Backgammon!Backgammon is among the oldest video games on this planet, the origins of which date again a few 5000 years – and it really is nonetheless going robust. It loved an enormous resurgence within the Nineteen Seventies, after which back within the Nineteen Nineties with the recognition of the net, the place thousands of individuals play tournaments on-line each day.Today, backgammon's following within the united kingdom is massive, with a devoted British Isles Backgammon organization, and hundreds of thousands of face-to-face tournaments occurring around the united kingdom each year.In this publication, backgammon specialist Chris Bray walks you thru the fundamentals of constructing a board, starting recommendations, center and end-game strategies, and tips about whilst to make key strikes. you will additionally become familiar with simple percentages, the doubling dice and the 25% rule. And a good way to take your gaming additional, there is lots of recommendation to get you begun in event backgammon, in addition to taking part in online.Suitable for either novices and skilled participant searching for extra advice and strategies, Backgammon For Dummies comprises assurance on:Starting and enjoying the GameHandling the center GameBearing Off (The final Lap)Varying the PlayAbout the writer

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A gammon pays double the nominal stake, so a stake of £5 gets you £10. ߜ Backgammon: The pinnacle of the game! A backgammon is won when a player bears off all her checkers before her opponent has borne off any of his and the opponent has a checker (or checkers) still on the bar or in the winner’s home board. A backgammon occurs approximately once every hundred games. A backgammon triples the stake. qxp 9/9/08 8:45 PM Page 35 Chapter 3 Looking at Basic Backgammon Tactics In This Chapter ᮣ Rolling the dice ᮣ Making basic moves ᮣ Finding the right play I n this chapter, I cover the basic arithmetic created by using two dice, the simple tactics of the game, and how to start thinking about which moves you should play and why.

Never forget that you’re playing another human being. Unlike computers, human beings make mistakes, sometimes technical in nature, sometimes emotional. A calm temperament is a huge asset when playing backgammon! Combining Three Parts into a Whole Game Players divide the game of backgammon into three phases – opening, middle game, and end game. You need to understand each part in its own right but also how the three combine to make the whole. Playing backgammon is a little like listening to a symphony – you enjoy the whole thing but you also understand the contribution that each movement makes to the overall effect.

White has a checker on the bar and must roll a 1, 2, or 3 to re-enter the board. From the dice table, you can quickly see that 27 rolls contain a 1, 2, or 3. As 27 is 75 per cent of the 36 possible outcomes, White therefore can enter 75 per cent of the time. The remaining 25 per cent of the time, she languishes on the bar. Please don’t be intimidated by the numbers – you’ll soon be quoting these percentages as second nature and wondering what all the fuss was about. Even though Black owns 50 per cent of his home board points, White enters 75 per cent of the time – that’s just the way the arithmetic happens to pan out!

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