Battle cries and lullabies: women in war from prehistory to by Linda Grant De Pauw

By Linda Grant De Pauw

Protecting millions of years and spanning the globe, Linda provide De Pauw explores the numerous roles girls have performed in struggle, as warriors, nurses, spies, intercourse staff, other halves, moms of infantrymen, intercourse employees, leaders of armies into conflict and as luggage vendors marching within the rear. 24 illustrations.

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The first consists of victim and instigator, which are the classic roles for women in the drama of war. " The third category, "virago," involves women performing acts requiring "male" boldness and Page 18 daring without challenging gender construction. The most visible viragos are women heads of state who are commanders in chief by virtue of thier position and march into battle at the head of their armies. Women who guard the rear, protecting their homes and children, also fit into gender expectations.

1 What Is War? 9 Finding the Women in War 16 A Note on History and Public Policy 25 Chapter Two Prehistory 26 One Hundred Thousand Years of Peace 27 Learning War 33 Old Testament Wars 36 Assyrians 36 Egyptians 42 Libyan Amazons 43 Scythian Amazons 46 The Trojan War 48 The Amazonomachy 52 Chapter Three Classical Warfare 55 The Greeks Discover War 56 The Persian Empire 57 The Early Greek Wars 59 The Persian Wars 60 The Peloponnesian War 62 The Rise of Macedon 64 Alexander the Great 65 The Roman Way of War 67 Page viii Chapter Four European Warfare 81 Christian Europe 82 The Crusades 87 The Mongol Invasion 93 The Hundred Years War 94 Military Prostitution 96 The Thirty Years War 100 Women Soldiers 104 Chapter Five The Age of Revolution 110 Indian Wars 110 The American Revolution 115 The French Revolution 131 The Napoleonic Wars 135 Chapter Six Nineteenth-Century Warfare 142 The Crimean War 143 The American Civil War 147 Chapter Seven The Age of Imperialism 173 The New World 173 African Warrior Women 179 India 184 The Boer War 191 American Overseas Imperialism 201 China 203 Chapter Eight The Great War 207 Women Soldiers 210 Noncombatant Women at the Front 216 Women's Auxiliaries 221 American Women in the Military 225 Women Remember the Great War 229 Page ix Chapter Nine The Second World War 231 Blitzkrieg 232 Partisan Warfare 235 The Soviet Union 239 Germany 245 The United States 247 Japan 259 World War II and Historical Memory 262 Chapter Ten The Cold War 263 The Korean Police Action 266 The Vietnam Conflict 267 The All-Volunteer Military 274 The Israeli Experience 281 Urban Guerrilla Warfare 286 Chapter Eleven Third World Wars 289 Women Combatants around the World 290 The Last Superpower 294 The New World Disorder 295 Humanitarians 298 Warriors for a New Millennium 300 Notes 303 Works Cited 352 Index 378 Page xi Illustrations Following page 172 Assyrian bas relief showing bearded and beardless soldiers in battle Assyrian bas relief showing bearded and beardless soldiers in camp Massacre of Jane McCrae, painting of American Revolutionary scene Allied poster utilizing propaganda, World War II Woman encourages man to fight, Athenian vase, ca.

Serving a heterogeneous audience, I had to find a way to separate the emotionally charged implications of my subject from the body of the text. I could not ignore or pussyfoot around the controversial topics, first, because like everyone else, I am emotionally affected by them, and second, because writing about these matters with a high level of abstraction would create a book too dull to endure. During more than twenty years of research on women in war, I have become familiar with the kind of loaded questions that spring immediately to mind for those considering the topic of women in war for the first time.

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