Bhutto Architect of new Pakistan by Mian Sayed Rasul Rasa

By Mian Sayed Rasul Rasa

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Besides, the Tochi Valley Match Factory at Miranshah has gone into production while cigarette and ghee factories and marble processing plant at Paundi Lalma in Khyber Agency are expected to be completed during the current financial year. 833 million during the last fiscal year. These include 2300 miles of roads, 100 irrigation and flood protection bunds, 28 schools, 10 spurs and 7 dispensaries. 00 million has been provided in the current year’s budget for the rural development programme. ). The third grand successful tour of Prime Minister Bhutto to the tribal areas brought him closer to tribesmen.

It is now recognized by the progressive states of the world that no privilege except that of merit and capability be admitted in the distribution of loaves and fishes. Economic laws and economic policies, therefore, should serve the higher and noble goal of social justice and should ensure better, fuller and richer life for all the citizens of a state. org 32 In the production and distribution of wealth, moral and human laws must complement economic laws. It was full regard to these human considerations that the People's Party Government under the great leadership of the Prime Minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, gave moral and legal support to the workers, the producers of wealth, and framed labour laws and Labour Policy in accordance with the spirit of the age.

The sales of all the nationalized industries managed by the Board of Industrial Management increased from Rs. 1,428 million in 1972-73 to Rs. 51 percent”. “Significant improvements in labour-management relations have also been made. The nationalized industries are fully cooperative with the government in implementing the new labour policy. They have given the labour more facilities and amenities. Employment opportunities have also increased not only due to their expansion but also through greater utilization of existing capacity”.

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