Biopolitics and International Values. Investigating Liberal by Ralph Pettman

By Ralph Pettman

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C. , 1937), Ch. XIV; cf. Β. Rensch, Biophilosophy (New York: Columbia University Press, 1971); S. Rose, (Conscious Brain) argues that only nonpredictive explanations will be possible since: " a t any given hierarchical l e v e l " , " i t is possible only to make probabilistic statements about either the present or future brain state of the individual. . In view of this uncertainty, which is built into the core of the preoccupations of neurobiology itself, the concern . . with the 'free-will paradox' seems a little redundant" (p.

D. Lindsay, The Modern Democratic State (New York: Oxford University Press, 1962), pp. 9 3 - 9 9 , "International Politics and E t h i c s . " Also, pp. 96-97: Law lets morality grow, and as it grows the standard of law is pulled up, and morality helped further. . The influence of the one on the other is reciprocal. It is significant of the close connection we ordinarily suppose to exist between law and morality that we most of us assume that anarchy . . is a state of continual violence and conflict.

38. For a typical example of this stratigraphy, see M . Polanyi, "Life's Irreducible Structure," Science: 160 (1968): 1308-12. Geertz summarizes the argument thus: As one analyses man, one peels off layer after layer, each such layer being complete and irreducible in itself, revealing another, quite different sort of layer underneath. Strip off the motley forms of culture and one finds the structural and functional regularities of social organisation. Peel off these in turn and one finds the underlying psychological factors—"basic n e e d s " or what-have-you—that support and make them possible.

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