Bring Me the Rhinoceros: And Other Zen Koans That Will Save by John Tarrant

By John Tarrant

Carry Me the Rhinoceros is an strange consultant to happiness and a can opener in your considering. For fifteen hundred years, Zen koans were handed down via generations of masters, frequently in deepest encounters among instructor and scholar. This booklet deftly retells greater than a dozen conventional koans, that are in part paradoxical questions harmful in your ideals and in part treasure bins of old knowledge. Koans exhibit that you just don’t need to provoke humans or turn out to be a far better, extra polished model of your self. as an alternative you will find happiness by means of unbuilding, unmaking, throwing overboard, and usually subverting sadness. John Tarrant brings the guts of the koan culture out into the open, reminding us that the outdated knowledge continues to be as very important as ever, a deep source to be had to an individual in anywhere or time.

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He was ordained as a monk by - - Adirya Prabhahasti . ha, Mailju§ri, Nagarjuna, Hurilkara, Vi m alami tra and Bud­ dhaguhya, all of whom were accomplished masters. Through the practice of these teaching s he manifested as a fully accompli shed sage . Then G uru Padmasambhava visited the kingdom of Sahora. He went to the convent where Prin ces s Mandarava and her ladieS-in-waiting were living as ren u nci ate s, gave esoteric teac h i ngs and accepted them as his disciples. The , King, suspecting him of an illicit relation sh ip with the red Guru Padmasambhava to be burned to death as punishment, but in stea d of bei ng burned by the princess, o rd e fire, the Guru transfmme d it into a lotus lake.

He took birth eight years after the passing away of the Buddha. He attained the deathless accomplishment through his eso­ teric practices; and in the ninth century, at the age of more than a thousand, he visited Tibet while s till appearing to be in his youth. His followers believe that he i s still i n the Guru Padmasambhava 51 same body in the Copper Colored M oun tai n a manifested , pure l a nd i n the center of the Camara sub-continent, and that he can be seen by realized people. After Padmasambhava's l otus birth, King Indrabodhi of O<;lqiyana found him in the Milk-Ocean and brought him to his palace.

Under his rule Tibetan forces captured Ch'ang an, the capital of Tang dynasty China, and they also penetrated as far as Magadha in central India. The King was a powerful secular ruler who was also deeply , devoted to Buddhism. ita, the abbot of Nalanda, to Tibet to b uild Sam ye monastery and estab­ lish Buddhism. But because of the influence of the King's evil ministers and because of the local spirits, it became impossible to carry out these Dharma projects. In accord­ ance with the prophecy of Santarak�ita the king invi t ed to Tibet Guru Padmasambhava, who was at that time renowned a s the most powerful tantric Buddhist master in India.

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