Cambridge University Transactions During the Puritan by James Heywood (editor), Thomas Wright (editor)

By James Heywood (editor), Thomas Wright (editor)

First released in 1854, this can be the second one of a two-volume choice of old assets with regards to the collage of Cambridge in the course of the spiritual upheavals from the Elizabethan interval to the recovery. This quantity covers the interval 1590-1661, and records the long-running debate among the Puritans within the college Senate and their extra liberal competitors. It additionally finds different parts of shock which nonetheless resonate this present day, together with smoking and the therapy of 'vagrants'. Letters and diary entries offer extra insights into much less contentious facets of 'the manners and targets of the collage' on the time. The ebook may be of curiosity to historians of the 17th century and its turbulent spiritual currents, the English Civil battle and its aftermath, and to historians of schooling.

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CUTHBERT BAMBRIGG. GEORGE D O W N A M E . RICHARD CLARKE. RANDULPH ERDLEY. W I L L M . KNIGHT. ROBT. SNODEN. WILLM. PERKINS. THOMAS GRAYE. J O H N POWELL. W I L L M . BOLTON. Collatione facta, concordat cum originali copia: ita testor, Thomas Smith, notarius publicus deputatus Mathei Stokis, registrarii. 20 ELECTION OF EXAMINERS. [1591 DECREE OF THE HEADS. Decimo quarto die mensis Januarii, anno Domini 1590, in consistorio almse Universitatis Cantabrigiensis, hora prima pomeridiana. WHEREAS of late there hath been some questions or controversy concerning the appointment and election of the two examiners of the questionists, so that the University some time hath been in danger to be disappointed and unserved, as namely the present year: It is therefore determined and decreed, by the consent of the heads of colleges who are mentioned, viz.

63, art. J D E consociis nostris querelam a nobis deferri ad te, heros honoratissime, est fortasse quod mireris. Eos namque prodere, quibuscum vivere amicissime oportuit, grande est scelus. Sed ut corpus male affectum, morbum occultando non facile convalescit, ita nostrorum hominum illatas in nos injurias tegere (quod ssepe antehac fecimus) efficiet tandem nostro ut silentio pereamus. Honor em tuum arduis iisdemque infinitis regni negotiis distentum interpellamus inviti, in collegii nostri olim florentissimi nunc pessime pessum euntis deploranda sane conditione.

69, art. ] To the right honorable the lord Burghley, lord high treasurer of England, of her majesties most honorable pryvy counsaill, and chauncellour of the Universitie of Cambridge. W H E N we consider (right honorable) the great and manifould blessinges God hathe bestowed and so longe contynued upon this our church and comen wealth under her majesties most happy government (wherof your honor, through your most wise counsaill and contynuall great care and travaile, hath ben a speciall instrument), as wee thanke and blesse the name of God for his singuler mercy es, do pray for the contynuance of theis happy daies, and by our prechings in our severall callinges and places do (according to our duties) move and stirr upp others to do the same; so ar wee bould (presuming uppon your honorable and Christian acceptacion of this our humble dutye) first to gratulate to your honor your owne particular great and happy blessinges, wherwith the Lord hathe many waies speciallie honored and adorned you above others, and namely in still contynuing your daies and lief to the good and comfort of this churche, though great personages (as wee see) one after another, lyke by course of nature to have outlyved, being cutt of by deathe, your honor, in a manner alone emongest the auncyent counsaillers, by Gods speciall providence and goodnes being yet preserved.

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