Cell Culture and its Application by Ronald T. Acton

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First, growth is a property of indi- Under suitable conditions, an isolated cell in tissue culture is capable of division. Hence, for many kinds of studies, cell-cell interactions can be ignored. cells consist of a homogeneous population. 49 Second, cultured Therefore, properties 50 PHILIP COFFINO of individual cells can be inferred from the biochemical analysis of cell populations. In contrast, differentiation can be viewed as a phenomena of interacting, inductive, inhomogeneous cell populations.

Thymocytes in turn give rise to a number of subclasses of more mature Τ cells which can be detected in the thymic medulla (Cantor and Boyse, 1975), and which leave the thymus to form the Τ cell population of the lymphoid tissues, blood and lymphatics. The differentiation of thymocytes from precursor cells can be induced in vitro (Komuro and Boyse, 1973) and is monitored by the rapid appearance on the cell surface of differentiation alloantigens. Specific alloantisera generated between inbred or congenic mouse strains identify differentiation alloantigens on the Τ cell surface, the reaction being measured by the cytotoxicity test.

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