Characters of Middle Earth (Middle Earth Role Playing MERP by Agnus McBride

By Agnus McBride

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The IAF Aircraft Series No.1: The F-4E Phantom II (Kurnass)

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He is slow to anger but exceptionally pitiless, spiteful, wrathful, and proud. Although red, his scales have a golden undertone which reflects light like metal. In the sunlight or bright moonlight, Smaug appears to be gold in color; thus his name. He is ninety feet long and has a wingspan of one hundred and fifty feet, which is unusually large for a Fire-drake of the Third Age. Smaug originally resided in the Barl Syrnac, but he moved to Anvilmount, northwest of the Withered Heath, when he discovered that Dwarves had uncovered mineral wealth in region, Lvl 66 36 Hits AT DB Size/Crit Speed 636 PI/20 75 H/SL VF/VF Attack: 125HBi/130HCl/150HBa/95HHo/120FBr SHADOW OF THE PAST THE WRAITH GAURITHOTH Ehlissa ducked suddenly behind the standing stone overlooking the burial mounds.

Galadriel was tall, even for one of the Noldor, rivalling her brothers in height. She wore robes of silver-white and bore Nenya, one of the three Elven Rings of Power, on her hand. LÍNDAL A member of the Pengwador ("Brotherhood of the Bow") and a messenger for the Silvan King in northern Mirkwood, Líndal is the fleetest of the archers assigned to the Nivrim or West March of Thranduil's realm. He frequently travels between the Aradhrynd ("Halls of the Elven-king") and Lórien, carrying messages between Galadriel and Thranduil.

56 Lvl Hits AT DB Sh 7 97 Ch/13 45 Y5 Éogil — Rohir Warrior/Fighter Gr N Melee OB 95bs 11 123 Ch/13 40 Y Dreorl — Rohir Warrior/Fighter. N 132sp 5 75 Pl/17 15 N Vurbôk — Orch Scout/Rogue. N 40fa 6 80 Ch/13 15 N Markûl — Orch Scout/Rogue. N 60ha Missile Mov OB M 80cp 10 l00sp 5 0 40da 10 A MARSHLAND MENACE IMCAMIR BESET BY A MEWLIPS Imcamir savored the marsh: the thick mists, the strange sounds, the eerie mix of lurid color splashed against the rotting forest curtain. It remained always a shrouded place where the Scout could retreat and find peace — a place where a man never forgot that he was very much alive.

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