Chloe's Christmas - A Cinderella Story by Kayla Janz

By Kayla Janz

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When he finally broke away from her, both were breathing rough and ragged. "We should let Denny and Jennifer know we're leaving,” he whispered in her hair as he nuzzled her earlobe. Shivers of desire coursed through her body, as moisture pooled between her thighs. “Stay here for a minute. I'll be right back,” Chloe said as she slipped from his embrace. " His eyes held a hint of question yet he nodded assent. “I'll give you two minutes. " She smiled over her shoulder as she walked away, an extra swagger to her hips added for his benefit.

Chloe nodded and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Lead on,” she whispered. * * * * Chloe woke in an unfamiliar room. All of a sudden, vivid images of the night before flashed in her mind. Skyler. She grinned and allowed herself a long feline stretch. She was sure she'd died and gone to heaven. She'd spent her vacation on a tropical island. She'd been impaled by the biggest dick she'd ever experienced in her life and it happened to be attached to one helluva gorgeous guy, in a suite at the top of a five star resort.

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