Clojure for the Brave and True: Learn the Ultimate Language by Daniel Higginbotham

By Daniel Higginbotham

For weeks, months?—nay!—from the very second you have been born, you've felt it calling to you. in the end you'll be united with the programming language you've been eager for: Clojure!

As a Lisp-style useful programming language, Clojure helps you to write strong and stylish code, and since it runs at the Java digital computer, you could benefit from the mammoth Java surroundings. Clojure for the courageous and actual deals a "dessert-first" strategy: you'll begin twiddling with genuine courses instantly, as you gradually acclimate to the summary yet robust beneficial properties of Lisp and sensible programming. within you'll locate an offbeat, sensible consultant to Clojure, jam-packed with quirky pattern courses that capture cheese thieves and music glittery vampires.

Learn how to:
- Wield Clojure's center functions
- Use Emacs for Clojure development
- Write macros to switch Clojure itself
- Use Clojure's instruments to simplify concurrency and parallel programming
- Clojure for the courageous and precise assumes no previous adventure with Clojure, the Java digital computer, or useful programming. Are you prepared, courageous reader, to satisfy your precise future? seize your top pair of parentheses—you're approximately to embark on an epic trip into the realm of Clojure!
- Covers Clojure 1.7Requires Java 1.6 or later.

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To unslurp it (also known as barfing), place your cursor (|) anywhere in the inner parentheses: (+ 1 (|* 2 3 4)) How to Use Emacs, an Excellent Clojure Editor 29 Then use C-: (+ 1 (|* 2 3) 4) Ta-da! Now you know how to expand and contract parentheses at will. content]]]] (db/db) (:q params))) With this kind of expression, it’s useful to jump quickly from one sub­ expression to the next. If you put point right before an opening parenthesis, C-M-f will take you to the closing parenthesis. Similarly, if point is right after a closing parenthesis, C-M-b will take you to the opening parenthesis.

Jar reads Clojure source code and produces Java bytecode. jar. Clojure continues to evolve. 0, and development is going strong. If you’re reading this book in the far future and Clojure has a higher version number, don’t worry! This book covers Clojure’s fundamentals, which shouldn’t change from one version to the next. There’s no need for your robot butler to return this book to the bookstore. Now that you know what Clojure is, let’s actually build a freakin’ Clojure program! Leiningen These days, most Clojurists use Leiningen to build and manage their projects.

Also, try your normal OS key binding for undo; that should work as well. Movement You can use your arrow keys to move point just like any other editor, but many key bindings allow you to navigate more efficiently, as shown in Table 2-1. Table 2-1: Key Bindings for Navigating Text Keys Description C-a Move to beginning of line. M-m Move to first non-whitespace character on the line. C-e Move to end of line. C-f Move forward one character. C-b Move backward one character. M-f Move forward one word (I use this a lot).

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