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13. g. dose rates, activity concentrations) above which some specified action or decision should be taken. The system of reference levels (recording levels, investigation levels, intervention levels and action levels) is an important part of a dose control system (discussed in detail in Ref. [2] and successive Safety Guides and other publications). The reference levels should be set by the operating organization on the basis of national regulations on dose limits. 14. The recording level is a level of dose, exposure or intake at or above which the values of dose, exposure or intake received by workers are to be entered in their individual exposure records.

The design should be such as to minimize the generation of radioactive waste in all operational stages in the lifetime of the facility, including decommissioning. Such considerations should be compatible with the safety analysis and with regulatory limitations on radiation doses. g. g. use of aluminium components near the core); Making allowance for the thermal expansion and contraction of pool water in a manner that avoids or minimizes overflow to liquid retention tanks; 19 (c) Minimization of air spaces near neutron sources to reduce the production of 41Ar.

8] on health surveillance), are 35 capable of safely sustaining the extra effort necessary and have been trained as required. 40. Whenever the use of personal protective equipment is considered for any given task, consideration should be given to any additional exposure that could result owing to the additional time taken because of its inconvenience. 41. Administrative controls defined in local rules, requirements and procedures form an essential part of the radiation protection programme. Care should be taken to ensure that only reasonable and necessary measures are imposed.

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