Computational linguistics Models, Resources, Applications by Igor A. Bolshakov and Alexander Gelbukh

By Igor A. Bolshakov and Alexander Gelbukh

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First, a spell checker merely detects the strings that are not correct words in a given natural language. It is supposed that most of the orthographic or typographic errors lead to strings that are impossible as separate words in this language. casar, supposes a task which requires much more powerful tools. After such impossible string has been detected and highlighted by the program, the user can correct this string in any preferable way— manually or with the help of the program. For example, if we try to insert into any English text the strings 3 *groop, *greit, or *misanderstand, the spell checker will detect the error and stop at this string, highlighting it for the user.

22 COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS AND LINGUISTIC MODELS similar to each other, though they might not have any common word. The similarity of syntactical structures unites them in a common typological group. Sociolinguistics describes variations of a language along the social scale. It is well known that various social strata often use different sublanguages within the same common language, wherever the same person uses different sublanguages in different situations. It suffices to compare the words and their combinations you use in your own formal documents and in conversations with your friends.

The terminals are usual words of Spanish, English, or any other language admitting the same categories and the same word order. e. for logical OR). Let the rules be the following: N V D → estudiante | niña | María | canción | edificio... → ve | canta | pregunta... → el | la | una | mi | nuestro... Applying these rules to the constituents of the non-terminal strings obtained earlier, we can construct a lot of fully grammatical and meaningful Spanish sentences like María ve el edificio (from N V D N) or la estudiante canta una canción (from D N V D N).

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