Core Strength for Dummies by LaReine Chabut

By LaReine Chabut

Core power For Dummies explores a few exercises designed to paintings the several center muscular tissues that stabilize the backbone and pelvis and run the full size of the torso. It additionally presents details on the entire instruments and tips had to succeed in a wanted health objective.

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Indd 14 11/12/08 6:45:07 PM Chapter 1: Finding Your Core Strength 15 Weight(less) benefits As anyone may guess, having fat around the middle or belly fat has many drawbacks, including great health risks. Core training helps you not only look better, but also increase your health and chances at living a longer, more physically active life. Read on to find more ways core training will give you the preventative medicine you need for a lifetime. Living longer The fat that lies in the belly becomes part of your abdomen.

Latissimus dorsi: My favorite! Referred to as the lats — this muscle is the largest spinal stabilizer and helps perform all the pulling motions through the arms. When you work your lats you get a nice “v” shape in your upper back, which makes you look like you have a smaller waist! That’s why it’s my fave! ✓ Thoracolumbar fascia: Something like a net, this connects and holds the lats, glutes (butt), internal obliques, and transverse abdominis, and supports the spine. It’s very important to your body but not as recognized as the glutes!

Opposites attract! If you’ve ever wondered what makes your muscles move and the doctor inside you is dying to know how the muscles technically work, here’s a breakdown on the way your body makes the majority of its movements: A primary muscle or the agonist, is assisted by one or more secondary muscles or the synergists; together they stretch the opposing muscle which is the antagonist. indd 30 As an example of this, when you bend your knee, the muscles on the back of your leg, including your hamstring (which would be the agonist) and your gastrocnemius (your calf, which would be the synergist) contract, and in turn stretches the quadriceps (the antagonist).

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