Countdown To Apocalypse: A Scientific Exploration Of The End by Paul Halpern

By Paul Halpern

Encouraged by way of the tip of the millennium, celebrated technology author Paul Halpern tackles the destiny of human civilization and our planet during this meditation at the finish of the realm. starting with the non secular origins of the assumption of apocalypse, Halpern indicates how technological know-how has borrowed the metaphor to explain power world wide catastrophes. He spins out a variety of eventualities for destruction, from nuclear conflict and worldwide warming to a good flood and a brand new Ice Age. He argues that whereas human historical past will sometime come to a close-even if we survived for billions of years, we might finally face the tip of the universe itself-in the intervening time we have now received amazing keep an eye on over our destiny as a species. confronted with the ability to lead our planet towards paradise or rework it into hell, he says, we needs to take steps to prevent these catalysts of apocalypse which are inside our keep watch over.

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Great years represent the divine equivalent of ordinary years for mortals. Rather than being measured by the time it takes for the Earth to travel around the Sun, they comprise instead the period in which the planets (those known at that time) repeat their relative morions in the sky. In other words, one Great Year is the interval between two complete alignments of all of the planets. Babylonian mythology distinguishes between times in which the planetary alignment takes place in the part of the zodiac known as Cancer, and times when it occurs in Capricorn.

First of all, there are no indications in the geological record of a deluge of such universal proportions. Surely evidence of such a catastrophic event (if it had occurred) would be omnipresent in the rocky strata examined by geologists, much more so than the isolated examples of uprooting that they have observed. And further, if a comet or asteroid caused the flood then there would be global connections in the rock record between collision debris and residue from a deluge. Also, scientists, such as D.

Acknowledging that there is no geological evidence that glaciers formed during the late Cretaceous period, Napier believes that the dusty shroud produced by the supercomet's sublimation was not thick enough to spawn a full-fledged ice age. Rather, he thinks that the debris served to cool off the Earth substantially—sufficient, over time, to obliterate the dinosaurs—but not enough to generate glaciers. Thus, in Napier's view the period in which the saurians died out was a "frost age" rather than an actual ice age.

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