Dancing At Your Desk: A Metaphysical Guide to Job Happiness by Sue Frederick

By Sue Frederick

This e-book is going approach past the entire different profession books: It truly works! the original blend of mind-bending profession workouts and effort strategies for locating your precise paintings creates a formulation for fulfillment that cannot be beat. Used effectively at Naropa college and college of Colorado, this state of the art strategy promises luck.

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Do the exercise with each of them in mind. Write down your responses. Here are some affirmations for quieting your belittler: 1. Who do I think I am? I’m me and that’s good enough. 2. I will just get a job, and it will be a job I love. 3. I do everything in my life to the best of my ability and for the highest good. 4. I am unique, and my unique style guides me to the perfect expression of my soul through my work. One of the most powerful exercises I do with my clients is taking them through the Getting Centered Exercise described below.

You research schools that offer courses in film directing and editing. You check out a book from the library about careers in the film or TV industry. You search the internet. Mostly, you feel the joy of that dream. You allow it to blossom inside of you. One day, you get introduced to a local film-maker who is working on a film that involves your area of expertise. Before you know it, you’re interning on a film set and learning the skills you’ve always wanted to know. Events keep leading to other events, and eventually, you’re working in the world of film.

You dig it up and start talking about it, laughing about it, seeing yourself being a film director, feeling what that career would feel like. You imagine yourself giving directions to Julia Roberts or Al Pacino. See them asking for your advice about a scene. You do this until you are giggling about how much fun this career would be – until you feel the joy you would have in this work. Immediately, you experience a shift of energy. You feel happy as you imagine your dream. Because you’re happy, you begin attracting happier events, opportunities and people into your life.

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