Dangerous Weapons: Anti-Sicilians: Dazzle Your Opponents! by John Emms

By John Emms

Prominent commencing experts take a progressive examine a well-liked staff of openings – the Anti-Sicilians – and choose a wealth of ‘dangerous’ recommendations for either Black and White.

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16 Qc3 NdS look especially threatening. ROLL THE DICE! Na5!? retains definite appeal for the player uncompromisingly seeking the full point. A2) 9 0-0 has the virtue of encouraging Black into reckless greed, but at least the games on my database suggest that this is one of life's more resistible temptations. After 9. Qxd1 10 Rxdl (Diagram 26) it is in fact not that clear that accepting .. White's invitation with 10 ... Nc2 is in itself so disastrous. If White replies with 1 1 Nc3 then it is certainly time to call a halt to materialism since 1 l .

A4?! Wirig, Nancy 2007, when White has trumps on both wings aided by his opponent's passivity). Following 15 Nx£6+ (15 Bxd5 cxd5 1 6 Nxf6+ Qxf6 1 7 Qx£6 gxf6 does not look unduly perturbing, whilst 15 b3 Re8!? intending to meet 16 Nc5 with 16 . . Bxc4 1 7 bxc4 Nb6 looks reasonable for Black too) 15 ... Qxf6 16 Qx£6 Nxf6 1 7 Bb3, the attempt to force matters with 17 ... a4? fails to 18 Bxa4 Be2 19 Rd2 Rxa4 when White can throw in 20 b3! with advantage, but simply 17 . . Rfb8! 18 Bf4 Rb6 looks playable.

7 Bc4 Qf5 8 Qe2 and 6 Bg4? 7 Bc4 Bxf3 8 Qb3 are best avoided. 7 Bc4 Qh5! (Diagram 3) Benjamin's suggestion from Informant 67. Instead 7. Miladinovic, Yerevan Olympiad 1996, and after 8 0-0 (White should probably prefer 8 cxd4 cxd4 9 0-0 Be6 and now 10 Qa4! yields a strong initiative: 10 . . Myers, correspondence 2005, and 10 . . Bxc4 11 Nxc4 0-0-0 12 Bd2 also looks rather scary for Black) 8... Be6 9 Bxe6 fxe6 10 cxd4 Black might have plunged into the complications with the greedy 10 ... cxd4!?

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