Daughter of Elysium: An Elysium Cycle Novel by Joan Slonczewski

By Joan Slonczewski

"Masterful story"-Library magazine.

"Magnificently detailed"-Chicago solar occasions

"An vastly notable achievement...A wonderful array of cultures offered in magnificent depth"-Kirkus evaluation

"A considerate, well-crafted novel...Memorable...Intricate...Rich and Detailed...Touchingly Real"-Publishers Weekly

The pristine urban of Elysium floats at the water global of Shora, inhabited through 'immortals' who've succeeded in unlocking the secrets and techniques of life.

Outsider Blackbear Windclan desires to percentage the key of immortality along with his personal humans, yet can he, and town of Elysium, continue to exist the corruption and decadence that immortality has bred into the ageless society.

And what of the awareness of self-aware nano-sentient servitors and their quest for vengence?

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