Designing Sound EXERPT by Andy Farnell

By Andy Farnell

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The left inlet (or argument following the name) sets the delay time. 1 Hearing clicks when moving a delay read point is normal, not a bug. There is no reason to assume that wavforms will align nicely once we jump to a new location in the buffer. An advanced solution crossfades between more than one buffer. 1 Subpatches Any patch canvas can contain subpatches which have their own canvas but reside within the same file as the main patch, called the parent. They have inlets and outlets, which you define, so they behave very much like regular objects.

This happens instantly (in logical time). This is often confusing to beginners when comparing sequences to lists. When you send the contents of a message box containing a sequence all the elements are sent in one go, but as separate messages in a stream. Lists on the other hand, which are not separated by commas, also send all the elements at the same time, but as a single list message. Lists and sequences can be mixed, so a message box might contain a sequence of lists. 4 List objects and operations Lists can be quite an advanced topic and we could devote an entire chapter to this subject.

The list trim object strips off any selector at the start leaving the raw elements. 5 Input and output There are plenty of objects in Pd for reading keyboards, mice, system timers, serial ports and USB. There’s not enough room in this book to do much more than summarise them, so please refer to the Pd online documentation for your platform. Many of these are available only as external objects, but several are built into Pd core. Some depend on the platform used, for example comport and key are only available on Linux and MacOS.

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