Detection and Estimation Research of High-speed Railway by Zhigang Liu

By Zhigang Liu

This booklet describes the wave features of touch traces taking wind under consideration and discusses new equipment for detecting catenary geometry, pantograph slide fault, and catenary aid system defects. It additionally introduces wire-irregularity detection tools for catenary estimation, and discusses sleek spectrum estimation instruments for catenary.
It is geared up in 3 components: the 1st discusses statistical features of pantograph-catenary info, comparable to stationarity, periodicity, correlation, high-order statistical houses and wave features of touch traces, that are the foundation of pantograph-catenary dating research. the second one half comprises geometry parameter detection and support-system fault detection in catenary, in addition to slide-fault detection in pantographs, and provides a few new detection algorithms and plans. the ultimate half addresses catenary estimation, together with detection of contact-line twine irregularities and estimation of catenary in response to spectrum, and offers detection tools for contact-line irregularity and sleek spectrum estimation instruments for catenary.

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9) The statistic can be computed by Z ¼ rÀu r . qffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi 1 N2 ÀNÞ . Where N ¼ N1 þ N2 , u ¼ 2NN1 N2 þ 1, and r ¼ 2N1 NN22ð2N ðNÀ1Þ (10) When a ¼ 0:05, and jZ j 1:96, the tested data is stationary. 26 2 Statistical Characteristics of Pantograph-Catenary Contact Pressure 2. Surrogate-data test method Since the correlation function and power spectrum of a signal are a Fourier transform pair, it can be considered that the spectrum of stationary random signal is invariant with the time and that of non-stationary signals is variant with the time.

Electr Drive Locomotives 05:57–59 18. Sun F, Wang B (2011) Ultrasonic detection method of abrasion of double slippers pantograph. Dev Innovation Mach Electr Prod 24(03):129–131 19. Zhang T (2008) Study and improvement on the OCS inspection system based on image processing. Railway Locomotive Car 28(6):68–71 20. Niwakawa M, Onda T, Kinoshita N (2007) Stereo vision based measurement of intersections of overhead contact wires and pantograph of Kyushushinkansen. IEEJ Trans Ind Appl 127 (2):118–123 21.

For the IMF5 components, it can be found that the over-standard of contact line height occurs in region “c” of Fig. 11. Therefore, the mutation of contact pressure in region “c” is caused by the parameter variance of catenary, shown in Fig. 12. The IMF2 components of actual measurement data is shown in Fig. 13. There is a new mutation in region “d” of Fig. 13, which does not correspond to any over-standard part of acceleration. After the analysis of all IMF components, the consistent over-standard points are not found.

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