Developing Brands with Qualitative Market Research by Mike Owen

By Mike Owen

The ebook units out the foundations underpinning the training university, yet bargains additionally a powerful pragmatic concentration and is equipped in order that it may be dipped into and whatever precious simply discovered. the universities of the twenty first century can't proceed to use the thoughts of the twentieth century. 'New studying' dispenses with outmoded preoccupations with assessments, objectives, and management from above, and specializes in independence of studying and structural flexibility inside colleges. The authors provide a whole evaluation of the way faculties can adapt to satisfy altering needs.They examine the trainer as learner, studying open air the school room, and the character of management in studying colleges, and supply sensible ideas to the issues of staffing, resourcing and evaluation. This ebook is a useful source for all mid-to-upper point managers in faculties, a person meaning to those positions, or somebody who takes a longterm view of the way forward for academic perform.

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About successful brands such as Apple, the Body Shop, Haagen-Dazs, not only representing clear values but also ‘presenting a coherent purpose’ to the consumer. Here there is an idea of an underlying ideology or a mission at the heart of what the brand is. The implication is that to some degree the consumer buys into that central purpose; in the act of purchasing the consumer funds the mission. qxd 6/14/02 8:09 PM 20 Page 20 DEVELOPING BRANDS WITH QUALITATIVE MARKET RESEARCH significance of the mission then the ‘deal’ may be off.

A number of academic disciplines have concerned themselves with culture either as a central or peripheral part of their overall project – social anthropology, sociology, social psychology, human geography to name a few. In the development of social science through the nineteenth and earlier twentieth centuries a major focus of the overall social science project was concerned with the way that societies reproduced themselves, how institutions, values, patterns of behaviour and so on tend to persist from one generation to the next.

For any individual consumer a particular brand is made up of an array of associations, feelings, experiences, expectations, thoughts and ideas that are held in a variety of forms: as images, as colours, as words, as sounds, as sensations, as moods, and so on. The links between these form shapes or ‘schemata’ that infer particular meanings. Most of this ‘brand memory’ exists at levels that are somewhere below consciousness, ‘invisible’ in the normal course of events both to the consumer and to any observer.

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