Dickens and Heredity: When Like Begets Like by Goldie Morgentaler

By Goldie Morgentaler

Regardless of the fashionable obsession with genetics and reproductive expertise, little or no has been written approximately Dickens' fascination with heredity, nor the effect that this fascination had on his novels. Dickens and Heredity is an try to rectify that omission by means of describing the hereditary theories that have been present in Dickens's time and the way those are mirrored in his fiction. The publication additionally argues that Dickens jettisoned his past trust within the prescriptive and deterministic capability of heredity after Darwin released The beginning of Species in 1859.

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The human relationship to the deity is thus established on the basis of physical resemblance. Moreover, the human resemblance to God is the result of an act of parthenogenetic creation. One of the attributes of the Jewish God is that he is a father to the children of Israel, and this attribute underlines the state of kinship between Man and his Maker. The connection between God and Israel speaks to the issue of biological paternity in another way as well. It is a relationship based entirely on faith, a fact underlined by the prohibition against graven images which ensures the abstract quality of the Hebrew conception of monotheism.

The giraffe was thought to be a mix of a camel and a leopard, while the mating of a camel and a sparrow produced an ostrich. 44 As these examples suggest, the most important way in which popular belief integrates the human animal into the natural world is to imagine his or her sexual union with individuals of different species. The resulting offspring partake equally of the characteristics of both their parents, thus erasing all lines of integrity between one species and another. The centaurs, satyrs, and minotaurs of Greek mythology are half-human and half-animal, personifying a view of the world which defines nature as fluid and multiple, a place where all mergers are possible.

At the same time, these dual creatures are not examples of "blended" heredity. Their two halves are kept recognizably distinct, one part welded to the other. Integration consists of the fact that the two disparate selves exist within the same entity. The belief that the categories of nature are infinitely dissoluble is closely tied to the creed of magical transformation, which forms an essential part of Greek mythology - as indeed it does of most pantheistic mythologies. The possibility of unlimited transformation implies a worldview that is infinitely metamorphic and pliable, lacking a sense of fixed division between entities.

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