Digital Signal Processing System. Level Design Using LabVIEW by Nasser Kehtarnavaz

By Nasser Kehtarnavaz

LabVIEW (Laboratory digital Instrumentation Engineering Workbench) built by means of nationwide tools is a graphical programming atmosphere. Its ease of use permits engineers and scholars to streamline the construction of code visually, leaving time usually spent on debugging for actual comprehension of DSP.

This e-book is ideal for practising engineers, in addition to and software program technical managers who're accustomed to DSP and are excited about system-level layout. With this article, authors Kehtarnavaz and Kim have additionally supplied a helpful source for college kids in traditional engineering classes. The built-in lab workouts create an interactive event which helps improvement of the hands-on abilities crucial for studying to navigate the LabVIEW software.

Digital sign Processing System-Level layout utilizing LabVIEW is a finished instrument that would drastically speed up the DSP studying method. Its thorough exam of LabVIEW leaves no doubt unanswered. LabVIEW is this system that might demystify DSP and this can be the booklet that may enable you grasp it.

* A graphical programming process (LabVIEW) to DSP system-level design
* DSP implementation of applicable parts of a LabVIEW designed system
* delivering system-level, hands-on experiments for DSP lab or venture classes

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Figure 2-21 illustrates the outcome after running the VI with two inputs 10 and 30. Figure 2-21: VI verification. 2 SubVI Creation If a VI is to be used as part of a higher level VI, its connector pane needs to be configured. A connector pane assigns inputs and outputs of a subVI to its terminals through which data are exchanged. A connector pane can be displayed by rightclicking on the top right corner icon of an FP and selecting Show Connector from the shortcut menu. The default pattern of a connector pane is determined based on the number of controls and indicators.

The maximum and minimum scale can also be adjusted. In this example –600 and 600 are used as the minimum and maximum values, respectively. This is done by modifying the maximum and minimum scale values of the Y axis with the Labeling tool. If the automatic tool selection mode is enabled, just click on the maximum or minimum scale of the Y axis to enter any desired scale value. To modify the labels displayed in the plot legend, right-click and choose Ignore Attributes. Then, edit the labels to read Original and Scaled using the Labeling tool.

On the other hand, oversampling a signal provides a richer description than that of the signal sampled at the Nyquist rate. 5 4 x 10 −3 Figure 3-4: Ambiguity caused by aliasing. 1 Fast Fourier Transform The Fourier transform of discrete signals is continuous over the frequency range [0, fs /2]. Thus, from a computational standpoint, this transform is not suitable to use. In practice, the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) is used in place of the Fourier transform. DFT is the equivalent of the Fourier series in the analog domain.

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