Food for All: Investing in Food Security in Asia and the by ADB

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It is generally accepted that, with the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Communism, as a dominant political and economic philosophy that had held sway over vast areas of the globe for more than 70 years, had been tested to exhaustion and had failed to meet the needs of people. That seemed to set the scene for a ritual crowning of the neoliberal economic model as the sole surviving coherent model for the world economy. That comforting belief in turn proved to be an illusion with the crash of stock markets in 1987, followed by the Asian crisis in 1997–1998, and another a short 10 years later, the almost total collapse of the financial markets of the developed world in 2007–2008.

However, the worst excesses of the Industrial Revolution were being resolved, and there was a great belief that people everywhere could look forward with a degree of optimism because of the scientific and industrial developments of the new age. The collapse of the free market system in 1929 ushered in the Great Depression, which caused great distress to millions worldwide and massive destruction of wealth; it traumatized a generation, and in 1933, Franklin Roosevelt was elected President of the US.

Through these combined measures, soil fertility and agricultural productivity are improved. Intensify policy support for self-sufficiency. Since 2004, the PRC has abolished all agricultural taxes and increased funding year by year for the “Four Subsidies”—Grain Direct Subsidy, Varieties Subsidy, Farm Machinery Purchase 38 Country responses to food security Subsidy, and General Subsidies for Agricultural Production Supplies. 5 billion yuan in 2004, and the national average subsidies for grain fields increased to more than 70 yuan per mu from less than 10 yuan.

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