Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt by Megan Nicolay

By Megan Nicolay

The T-shirt-preferably well-used - is a clean canvas. you could reduce it, stitch it, twist it, and switch it. you could deconstruct it, you could reconstruct it. Recycle it, resuscitate it, refashion it, and re-invent it. Make it punky, make it funky. it's the excellent jumping-off aspect, and Megan Nicolay - who is aware the my-pride of feat and the excitement of constructing anything stylish and targeted (and affordable) indicates how you can flip a normal T-shirt right into a halter, a tank most sensible, a peasant shirt, or, for a complete transformation, right into a T-skirt. Or a hat. Or a Christmas stocking, a drawstring handbag, a wine bottle snug. Even a quilt.In 121 unforeseen, easy-to-follow tasks, this pied piper of DIY exhibits first easy methods to tee-off with the elemental fabrics plus accessories and strategies. greater than part the initiatives require no stitching, and all are rated based on the extent of trouble.

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T -shirt reconstruction combines recycling and innovation—you’re remaking something old into something new. It’s especially appealing (and empowering) to those of us raised in a world of mass production and limited resources. You’re saving the world one T-shirt at a time and letting people know it. The tee itself is a personal billboard; your reconstruction of it is your graffiti tag. It’s one part impulse, one part ego, two parts subversive, and it’s art. If you’re a beginner, you may want to follow the instructions in the next chapters very closely, but if you’re a more seasoned refashionista, you can treat them simply as guidelines.

P-G-A? Okay, bad example. But let’s try another: Calvin Klein. ” All right, all right, but you get the picture— no one else will have the same phrase on their Calvin Klein original. Represent yourself. Millions of identical classic tees get cranked out from factory assembly lines each year. They get checked by Inspectors 9, 32, and 57 to make sure there’s nothing “irregular” about them. Your goal is to flunk inspection, to be as irregular and irreverent as you can be. Here’s your chance to be different, to make a statement.

Remember that you can always cut more, but you can’t put the fabric back. u can you imagine? T he photograph of John Lennon, with arms crossed, in a refashioned New York City T-shirt (sleeves removed), is so iconic that you can now buy a T-shirt imprinted with the image. se external cross-stitching (in a contrasting thread color) for a decorative look, right. ew s o n 15 shoulder chic Y ou know how delis name sandwiches after people (like the Joe DiMaggio Hero or the Kevin Bacon BLT)? Well, if this project were a sandwich, I’d name it after myself.

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