Hawaiʹi by Nancy Jane Morris, Love Dean

By Nancy Jane Morris, Love Dean

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The IAF Aircraft Series No.1: The F-4E Phantom II (Kurnass)

Pictures: 39 in colours b/w that have been by no means released prior to. Profiles: 15 in colour from all of the squadrons. Articles: historical past technical facts; provider with the IAF; all of the squadrons; within the Attrition struggle; within the Yom Kippur warfare; The Kurnass 2000; Camouflage and extra. ..

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Hawai'i became the Union's newest state in 1959. :na'i, Ni'ihau, and Kaho'olawe, in order of size account for over ninety-nine per cent of the state's total area, 16,706 square kilometres (6,425 square miles). The remaining one per cent of the state is made up of small islands off the main eight, and a string of small, uninhabited islands and islets known as the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, now a National Wildlife Refuge for birds and monk seals. The island of Midway, although geographically a part of the Hawaiian islands, is administered by the United States Navy.

The Hawaiian Archipelago is the most isolated major archipelago in the world, lying almost 4,000 kilometres (over 2,000 miles) from the nearest continent. The 132 islands, reefs, and shoals extend northwest from 18° 54' north, 154° 40' west to 20' 5' north, 170° 25' west. The predominately subtropical location of the islands with the surrounding ocean contributes to the mild and pleasant climate, but there are other climatic influences as well: the almost constant northeasterly trade winds and the varying terrain.

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