Lanthanides: Chemistry and Use in Organic Synthesis by Shu Kobayashi

By Shu Kobayashi

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In the presence of coordinating isonitrile ligands [Cp*2Sm(µ-CN)(CNc-C6H11)] is formed featuring a 9membered ring [281]. Lower Cp/Ln ratios inevitably create further coordination sites at the metal center and lead to cluster formation. 2) is a rare example of a ring-cluster hybrid molecule [282]. A highly symmetric icosaeder arrangement of the metal centers was observed in [Cp12Sm12(µCl)24] (Cp/Ln=1) containing a centered Cl4 tetrahedron [283]. Ring formation is less predictable in alkoxide chemistry, as revealed by the decameric constitution of [Y(OCH2CH2OMe)3]10 [284].

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