The Eternal War (UK Edition) (TimeRiders, Book 4) by Alex Scarrow

By Alex Scarrow

Liam O'Connor must have died at sea in 1912.

Maddy Carter must have died on a airplane in 2010.

Sal Vikram must have died in a hearth in 2026.

But all 3 were given a moment probability -- to paintings for an enterprise that nobody understands exists.

Its goal: to avoid time commute destroying background . . .

A time wave has struck that alters the whole background of the yankee Civil conflict. Abraham Lincoln has Liam into the current from 1831 -- and now the realm is in a deadly country of limbo . . .

If the TimeRiders can't go back Lincoln to the previous, the Civil warfare will never finish. Can Maddy convince colonels on each side of no man's land to stop hearth lengthy sufficient to save lots of the longer term?

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Her fingers traced a line of blood that dripped around her brow and down one cheek, as hot as tears. Tally sat down on the grass, suddenly shaking all over. Fireworks lit the sky again, turning the blood on her hand bright red, each drop a little mirror reflecting the explosion overhead. There were hovercars in the sky now, lots of them. ” Looking up, she saw Peris, chuckling as he climbed the hill. “Now that was not a bubbly move, Tally-wa. ” He mimed drowning, grasping at water and slipping under.

I think it’s made of weird stuff. Like, the hole can’t use it. ” Shay held the sweater to her nose and inhaled. “Wow. It still smells like the Smoke. Campfires and that stew we always ate. ” Peris and Fausto went over to smell it. They’d never been out of the city, except for school trips to the Rusty Ruins. They certainly hadn’t gotten as far as the Smoke, where everyone had to work all day making stuff, and growing (or even killing) their own food, and everyone stayed ugly after their sixteenth birthday.

It had only taken a glimpse of them to put every cell in her body on high alert. Their inhuman speed repelled her, like watching a cockroach skitter across a plate. Croy’s movements might have seemed unusual, his Smokey confidence standing out in a party full of new pretties, but the Specials were another species altogether. Tally burst out onto the balcony just in time to see Croy leap up onto the rail, waving his arms for a precarious moment. Then he got his balance, bent his knees, and pushed off into the night.

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