Treasury of Precious Qualities by Longchen Yeshe Dorje, Jigme Lingpa

By Longchen Yeshe Dorje, Jigme Lingpa

This ebook is a translation of the 1st a part of Jigme Lingpa’s Treasury of priceless characteristics, which in a narrow quantity of chic verses units out in brief yet comprehensively the Buddhist direction in response to the Nyingma institution. The concision of the basis textual content and its use of complex poetic language, wealthy in metaphor, require broad rationalization, amply provided right here by way of the observation of Kangyur Rinpoche.

The current quantity lays out the lessons of the sutras in sluggish levels in line with the conventional 3 degrees, or scopes, of religious undertaking. It starts off with crucial teachings on impermanence, karma, and ethics. Then, from the Hinayana point of view, it describes the basic Buddhist teachings of the 4 noble truths and the twelve hyperlinks of based bobbing up. relocating on, ultimately, to the Mahayana standpoint, it expounds totally the lessons on bodhichitta and the trail of the six paramitas, and offers an strangely certain exposition of Buddhist vows.

The paperback variation comprises Jigme Lingpa’s root textual content in verse, which was once now not integrated within the hardcover variation.

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Abhidharma school SARIPUTRA ABHIDHARMA The Sariputra version summarizes the first two Abhidharmas without introducing much new material. It survives only in Chinese translation. Further reading: Nina van Gorkom, Abhidhamma in Daily Life (London: Triple Gem Press, 1997); Herbert V. : Shambhala, 1976); Kogen Mizuno, Basic Buddhist Concepts. Translated by Charles S. Terry and Richard L. Gage (Tokyo: Kosei, 1987). Abhidharma-kosa (Abhidharmakosabasyam) The Abhidharma-kosa, one of the greatest works of Buddhism, is a fundamental text studied to this day by most BHIKSU (Buddhist monks).

Amaterasu Omi-Kami Amaterasu Omi-Kami, one of the major SHINTO deities, is revered throughout Japan as the sun goddess. Amaterasu is the focus of a variety of Japanese myths, especially stories that concern the seasons and the rising of the sun each day. Equally important are the stories connecting her with the Japanese emperor. She is believed to be the mother of the imperial family; the first emperor was her son, whom she established on his throne. The status of Amaterasu reached its zenith in the early 20th century as the successive emperors made heightened claims to political power and directed the building of an expansive Japanese empire.

It appears to have died out gradually. By the time Afghanistan had contact with European colonial Africa, Buddhism in states there were no Buddhists, but a considerable amount of Buddhist art was scattered around the country. This remaining Buddhist presence in the country became a matter of heightened concern in March 2001, when the then-ruling Taliban regime decided to destroy the large statues of the Buddha located in the Bamiyan Valley. They were blown up, in spite of widespread pleas from the international community (including other Islamic countries) to prevent their destruction.

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